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In other words, there is a difference between deliberate and spontaneous choices.

Online Dating One of the obvious differences between assessing and evaluating someone we meet face-to-face with a view to commencing a romantic relationship and assessing and evaluating their online dating profile is that in the case of the dating profile, we make decisions based on having very little information about the person in the profile (just a photo and a very brief description).

We probably make decisions in an environment such as an online dating site in a more deliberate manner which may not necessarily be consistent with our more spontaneous preferences.

The question then is whether the requirements males and females typically state they specify in a romantic partner as outlined above are affected by the way in which we make our decisions? In their study Rajees Sritharan and colleagues employed 100 female undergraduates in a study on attitudes and impression formation.

There are fewer attractive females than there are males pursuing such females, (too much competition) and therefore while males might seek to maximize their chances by pursuing females rated as attractive, they also actively pursue less attractive females in an attempt to at least secure a date. Retrieved from Sritharan, R., Heilpern, K., Wilbur, C. (2010) I think I like you: Spontaneous and deliberate evaluations of potential romantic partners in an online dating context, European Journal of Social Psychology, 40, 1062-1077.

The Good News The evidence above suggests it is not always the case that males pursue physical attractiveness in a female partner or that females seek status in a male partner (resources and power).

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These findings are consistent with studies which have examined mating preferences revealing physical attractiveness to be an important consideration for males, whereas financial resources are considered important to females (Buss, 1989).’ Evolutionary psychology tells us that males seek physical attractiveness in a female partner and advertise their status (money, power, and ambition), whereas females seek status in a male partner (resources and power) and advertise their physical attractiveness.Furthermore, studies in which adverts in personal columns have been constructed in ways similar to the descriptions above have found that response rates to male advertisers to be dependent on descriptions of financial success and response rates to female advertisers to be dependent on descriptions of physical attractiveness.The way in which you are evaluated, may not be how you think. Sex differences in human mate preferences: Evolutionary hypotheses tested in 37 cultures. Visit my website me on Twitter @martingraff007 and You Tube Buss, D.

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