Consolidating democracy prerequsites

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Analysis shows that while Turkey has been more successful in eliminating military’s tutelary powers and reserve domains, Indonesia has developed stronger horizontal accountability institutions.

Both countries, however, still lack ethnic harmony and consensus on the role of Islam in the polity.

Specifically, it analyzes Indonesia and Turkey on the basis of some of the most important prerequisites of democratic consolidation such as regular elections and constitutional transfer of power; economic growth and development; absence of tutelary powers and reserve domains; ethnic harmony; elite consensus on a democratic role of religion; and horizontal accountability.Most scholars, however, think of these as necessary, but not sufficient conditions of democratic consolidation.Based on whether the 1997 soft coup is considered a minor undemocratic misdemeanor or a military coup, it can be argued that Turkey passed this test in 1997 or in 2002.Abstract As an overwhelming majority of the countries are already procedural democracies, the focus of academic research has shifted from democratic transition to democratic consolidation.Turkey and Indonesia, despite their differences, share many characteristics and have been presented as model democracies for the Muslim-majority countries.

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