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This tutorial shows you how you can take advantage of many of the various functions available to you in Pro Tools and incorporate instruments into your current music project.It's easy to record an audio track with Pro Tools!Wouldn’t it be great if there were a simple app that could take our video content, edit it for us, and t ..Night People: A Bad Vibes Label Profile Shawn Reed is one of our favorite people, not content with making music with Wet Hair, he also runs ' Night People' - an almost complete DIY record and tape label operation in Iowa - a label which has consistently put out and introduced ..While you may not have loads of secret files hiding on your computer, there might be one or two items that need a little extra security, like a file of website logins or a folder of risqué photos. Your props will look nic ..In a recent arbitrage tip, we showed you the secret to making money fast by buying and selling the same thing over and over again on e Bay.

Recently, Avid announced the upcoming release of Pro Tools HD Native, and caused a lot of stir in the audio community.As it has developed over the years, it is now possible to use Metasploit for nearly everything from recon to post exploitation to covering your ..There’s a race on to see who'll be the Instagram of moving pictures.This makes sense, since many of our phones are clogged with video that, so far, no one is going to see. You can sit there, patting yourself on the back, but that gets lonely after awhile.One of the most exciting things about Pro Tools 9 is that there's more tracks without having to have a Toolkit.Another great thing is being able to run Pro Tools without having to use Digidesign, M-Audio or any Avid hardware.

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