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When you've reduced your monthly fees and interest rates, and freed yourself from creditors' calls, you'll look at life in a whole different way.Struggling with financial issues other than credit card debt? See our complete list of consumer credit counseling services on your right.Your counselor will be there to guide you and help you make the tough decisions that are needed to help you get out of debt for good.One of the most important outcomes of debt counseling is formulating a plan and a budget and sticking to it.Creditors generally give the following benefits to those enrolled on a Debt Management Plan: If neither of these solutions is appropriate, there are other options available through debt counseling that your counselor will discuss with you.

One of the debt solutions available to our clients is participation in a debt management plan, which unlike a debt consolidation loan, works with a client's current creditors, creating a plan of action to repay those debts under the best terms possible.

And we're here to help you get out of debt for good.

We understand what you're going through, and our certified counselors are here to listen to you and empower you to get your finances under control.

Debt Management is not the right solution for everyone and working one on one with a certified credit counselor will help identify the best debt solution for you.

Debt counseling involves meeting, either in person or by phone, with a certified credit counselor who will review your entire financial situation including your income, expenses, secured debts and unsecured debts and developing a plan to help you achieve your financial goals while becoming debt free.

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