Critique online dating

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Can we, that is, draw lines in the sand within a greater structure of species-being perversion?Can we say that an inherent quality of modern life soils our interactions but not in such a way where authentic experience is prohibited?

Quite simply, if capital itself has caused an alienating construct that prevents the ‘correct’ relation between the opposite sexes or relations of the same sex variety (clearly Marx is not a Queer theorist, though I don’t doubt his ambiguity leaves open the potential to treat him as such), can we actually conclude that online dating is this evil, modern, capitalistic mode of affection and that stumbling drunk towards someone at a bar, meeting a mate at an Intellectual conference, or even crossing paths with him or her on some poetic crossing of the street defies the logic of capitalistic alienation and allows for the “truth-procedure” of love?And then, too, we start to wonder whether or not this wholesome species-being, this communist, has led us off track, perhaps instead we should state that alienation is not simply the workings of capital, but the essence of man.Still, let us look closer at what Badiou has to say, about what is gained in the chance-encounter and what is lost in online dating., nobody would ever dare to directly equate the desire for a product with its advertisement.What does Badiou think, that Meetic users say, “Why, yes, I don’t want any chance, I want to find the perfectly suitable woman/man, I don’t want any suffering, so Meetic seems the perfect site for me.” This is a terrible misreading of the seduction of online dating.

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