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He could see how it'd get invasive eventually, but today he still likes it.It's kind of a let-down, though, going from that to the front counter of the store, where the check-out girl looks down at his purchase of paper towels, a sponge, fourteen packages of that gum Dylan's always chewing and six different brands of energy drink, and makes an unimpressed face." Tyler's not sure he's ever sound Crystal sound bewildered before. And when he's around it's awesome, and I just kind of…didn't think about it. R.'s motorcycle fixation was, until Tyler felt more like himself.Until he wasn't around." "Oh my god," Crystal says. He trusts Crystal, even if she is kind of almost as evil as Holland sometimes and thinks it's funny to make faces at him when he's supposed to be acting.He looks around, but the entire kitchen is devoid of anything like a paper towel because Dylan, not Tyler, is the person in their house who says things like, "Dude, we're out of milk" and "Seriously, let’s just steal some toilet paper from set or something, okay? I can't live like this." Without Dylan, Tyler's life is sort of a shambles. " "Well, I'm going to tell you anyway," Crystal says. That's how Holland found out about it." "Oh, god," Tyler says, because…because, well, oh god. God, it figures this is the one thing that can freak you out." "Well! " Tyler is pretty sure this what it feels like to lose your mind. Melissa'd done a great job with it, but that headspace--Tyler's mind bouncing around with thoughts of what he'd do if he were Scott, if it were his mom being choked out like that--had been kind of toxic and awful.A shambles where Crystal knows everything and he can't wipe the beer off his face because he keeps forgetting to buy fucking paper towels. Tyler can almost bet that wherever she is right now, she's smiling all intense and life-ruining--Crystal, for all her kindness, is pretty evil deep down. If Holland knows about how Tyler wants to bone Dylan, then it's a pretty good bet that everyone… How did you know that I want to bone Dylan just from that interview? " "Okay, well, first of all, you just confirmed it," Crystal says. "That's, that's Hoechlin, he's made of like, marble! " "I was going to say," Crystal says, sighing on it, "that he also, you know, totally makes the googly eyes right back at you all the time. He hadn't known how to say anything about it, though, because it seemed weird and pretty stupid to be upset over literally nothing.Then he realizes that he probably needs a sponge to like, keep cleaning things, and goes to the store.The store takes almost an hour, because he's recognized by a teenager who wants an autograph and a photo and can he do a recording on her voicemail and does he think Scott will finally love Derek next season and is it true that he and Dylan O'Brien really live together?

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It's still kind of surreal, when people recognize him on the street or while he's finally getting around to picking up the fucking paper towels. 3) A MILLION THANKS to amazonziti and fiveyearmission for their awesome beta job and general enabling of this story, oh man oh man. Tyler prepared himself, when he and Dylan compared summer schedules, to miss him a little. What he didn't prepare himself for was missing Dylan the way he actually misses Dylan. When he was a kid, he used to brace himself before Jesse went away for summer camp, and even as an adult he sometimes finds himself taking deep breaths in front of a mirror when he thinks someone is about to dump him or something.He signs his name on the back of a piece of paper her apologetic father provides, throws his arm around her shoulder for the photo, records a ridiculous voicemail greeting on her phone, and tells her that he loves Hoechlin more than Scott will ever love Derek and that, yes, he and Dylan really do share an apartment.She looks thrilled when her father finally drags her away, and Tyler thinks it's nice, getting to make people happy this way.

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