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If you were born anywhere near 1980, you probably spent at least a moment captivated by Jose Canseco and Mark Mc Gwire, and were probably sitting in your living room, TV on, when the picture went out on that 1989 World Series pregame, and Al Michaels started talking about an earthquake.For the filmmaker Ryan Fleck, 12-years-old then, the experience was more visceral: Watching his mother scribble a check to pay for items at the pharmacy, when the ground became an ocean.To pseudoscience, this means jello cures headaches...

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"Pseudoscience deliberately creates mystery where none exists, by omitting crucial information and important details. New theories are seldom proposed, and old concepts are rarely modified or discarded in light of new "discoveries," since pseudoscience rarely makes new "discoveries." ...

Rory Coker, professor of physics and University of Texas Austin, has written a very informative article for the website Quackwatch.

The article, Distinguishing Science from Pseudoscience, was not written with homebirth in mind, but accurately captures the essence of homebirth advocacy.

Pseudoscientists never carry out careful, methodical experiments themselves ... If one pseudoscientist claims to have done an experiment ...

no other pseudoscientist ever tries to duplicate it or to check him,..

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