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FIlms from other countries that capture the LGBTIQ or Jewish experience from those countries are of interest. Right now I am doing research on all the music written about AIDS during that time.I also like folk, techno, movie soundtracks, and music from other countries.Of course I like Star Wars and Harry Potter films too, and I try to watch all of the Academy Award winners.I am also a sucker for Rocky films and any other story where we will cheer for the underdog.: I am happy to send/receive email to start off with, and see where it goes from there.Sharing photos, book/film/TV show recommendations, recipes, links to videos, music, or blogs are great.If you are an artist/creative person, it would be great to share photos of our art, too.If you are a librarian or library school student from another country, I certainly would like to exchange experiences.

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Also, I like photos of beautiful women (not porn) and would like to talk to other lesbians who like same.

Pussy Riot, Bollywood music, African music, didgeridoo, sea shanties, songs from vaudeville through the 1970s.

I am probably the only American who watches Eurovision and tweets during the whole thing!

Right now I am studying how to create safe spaces in libraries and higher education environments.

I am also trying to relearn the Russian I lost after college.: The Gustav Sonata is my favorite for now.

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