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The urban landscape in contrast, with all its problems, does entail a kind of freedom for the woman migrant.* "In a study undertaken in NOIDA, a large number of women workers who migrated from rural regions of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Bihar actually said that they are now able to articulate many things they could not have done earlier even with regard to tabooed subjects like their own sexuality." The brick manufacturing season in Kerala normally normally stretches between November and April and those who work in the kilns follow a circular migratory pattern.Middlemen or brokers, located in Tamil Nadu and hailing from places like Salem, Theni, Kambham and Usilempetty, simply round up around 20 to 25 families from their respective villages and get them to migrate to the leased paddy fields on the Kerala side of the border, on which the brick kilns are located, and once the monsoon descends they go back home, only to return after the rains.It is the hardworking women in the workforce, who really keep this system running, sometimes at great cost to their lives and welfare.The negative aspects of such migration are well documented.Womens labour is often exploited; there are low economic benefits in the jobs they do; the terms and conditions of such employment are not clearly laid down.While clashes between the Bodos and the Bangla-speaking Muslims have affected normal life in Assam, pushing thousands of women and children into relief camps, its ripple effects were felt hundreds of miles away, in cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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The urban to urban migration of categories like nurses, who often have to leave their family behind.Early motherhood and hard physical labour have clearly taken a toll on their health.* I strongly believe that it is the presence of the woman that keeps the Tamilian male worker well-behaved in our brick kilns.Originally from the village of Belpada in Bolangir district, it was poverty and landlessness that forced the family into this unregulated sector in conditions that can only be described as tragic.The makeshift hut in which they lives adjoining the Rana brick kiln factory, near Barang in Cuttack, is a little bigger than a chicken coop.

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