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The ground was bare beneath the wooden tables and benches that were arranged around the little kitchen.

A plump woman was bent over a soot-covered kerosene stove that hissed each time she dropped a piece of chicken into the hot oil.

She was still watching when Bela pulled her toward the rushing traffic. ” Julita shouted as a car sped by, blowing dust into her face.

The bastard was late, he said he got stuck in traffic.” “You’re really lucky, Desti,” Bela said. “My father’s stationed in Poso, he’s an army captain. Last month, she was on a bus heading to the market when a bunch of rioters surrounded the bus and started rocking it back and forth, trying to flip it over. "Let’s go to the med school across the street,” said Julita.“People are so nice to mixed couples if one of them is white. If your relatives or neighbors find out, he’ll be humiliated.” He leaned back in his chair and lit a cigarette. “My best friend said the kiosk behind the geriatrics faculty serves the best in town.” Even though the day was much too hot for spicy food, everyone agreed, except Bowo, who had to go home and check in on his mother.They think it’s so glamorous, they think the babies are so cute – but when I told my parents that I liked a Malay boy, they were beside themselves.” Once again Julita was fascinated. Pretending to scratch his cheek, Ibnu slipped his earring off. and still won’t take my calls ...” “Come on, Bowo,” said Laras, “it’s hard to find happiness in this world. The road in front of the cultural center shimmered from the heat, creating a mirage.” Ibnu nodded, but then he removed a U-shaped ring from his left pinky and clipped it on his right ear. She’d never met anyone who would volunteer intimate information so easily to a classroom full of strangers, as if all he’d said was that he ate chicken congee for breakfast. Laras shared the fact that she worked for a human rights organization, and Bowo said that he’d failed the entrance exams at the military academy and was looking for a new career prospect.After class, Desti suggested they all have coffee together, so they crossed the courtyard to the café.

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