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Once they were downloaded, Assad’s spooks could rifle through files, select data to copy, and follow up on the target’s Skype chat logs and contacts for more phishing expeditions.

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Since the start of the Syrian uprising in 2011, pro-Assad hackers have been targeting opponents using increasingly sophisticated malware and social media manipulation to trick rebel commanders and fighters as well as opposition politica figures into giving them access to their computers and smart-phones.

A leaked manual described the use of methods that were “eerily similar” to those being employed now, including the use of femme fatales to entrap opposition members and fighters on Facebook and Skype.

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The researchers say the hackers were able to “acquire large collections of data by breaching only a relatively small number of systems due to the opposition’s use of shared computers for satellite-based Internet access.”Individuals targeted by the hackers included members of the Western-backed Free Syrian Army and fighters with Islamist brigades.

The victims of the attacks were based in rebel-held areas in northern Syria but also elsewhere in Lebanon, Jordan and the Gulf.

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