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“Just like any other form of human communication, sexual communication is evolving,” says Gurza.

“People communicate their sexual desires quite freely via virtual sex, which might not be the case in real- time sexual connections.

While this new wave of sex is a solo act, in some cases, it can encourage communication between partners. “There are instances in which virtual sex is helpful because some people work up the courage to speak to their mate about something that arouses them that they found online, that they have not been able to talk about before,” says Weston.

“Sometimes, though, the virtual sex draws a person away from their partner. While the former does happen, it’s the latter that probably happens more often.” Creativity May Boost Sexual Activity Changes in Sexual Communication For those who meet in the online world -- something that is as commonplace today as meeting in a smoky bar -- maybe virtual sex provides an opportunity to open doors that were previously closed.

Some would say virtual sex is sexually arousing, so it is a failure to keep the agreement.

Others would say if there isn’t any physical contact, it’s all fantasy and it doesn’t bother me.” The New Sexual Revolution The Internet is here to stay, and with it comes a new sexual era.

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“When one person in a marriage is going to the Internet to get sex, it erodes the intimacy in the marriage,” says Berman.“This provides a good option to people who are not as sexually desirable because of their physical appearance,” says Weston.“Now, people who were disenfranchised by virtue of their appearance have an outlet to be sexually active in a nondiscriminating marketplace.” Weston explains that single parents who don’t have enough time on their hands or widows who are reconnecting with new people are other good examples of those who might benefit from virtual sex --beyond college students.“It’s hard to give a blanket definition of cheating, because it’s based on the morals and beliefs of the marriage.But what matters is: does your spouse consider it cheating?

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