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A grounded Libran airhead, I am very much in the world, but not of it. Universal in outlook and quality, monogomous in sexuality. At this stage, the vessel for the heart and mind are not nearly as important as the contents.

Very responsible and responsive, perceptive and sharing sort.... Someone cerebral with a sense of humor would be ideal. If you don't mind getting me a glass for my beer, that's fine, too.

I want a reliable honest faithful man who love me for who I am . I know the perfect man don't exists, also the perfect woman. I respect the moral values of man kind., My name is Isabela and I am living in Romania., How I am appear? I think I am person who is trying to live a decent life, to improve both my career achievements and my spiritual life every day. I'd like to meet someone who has a strong personality (because I think I have a strong one), who knows what he wants, who has some purposes in this life.

I am a 28 years old women, 165 cm tall, 46 kg, brown,hair and hazel eyes., I've divorced 2 years ago. I don't like people who are looking only for material gains.

I enjoy solitude but also long for the silence of itimacy and the presence of a soulmate, or at least a friend in this I am a caring and sensitive woman with a great zest for life. I make an excellent friend and am looking for the same. Prefer rural/small town, although am comfortable in cities and enjoy what they have to offer. I know that I achieve the most when I am with a mate.

I have been widowed for 3 years and am looking for a caring and sensitive companion. I enjoy quiet evenings at home or even a night out dancing. Am honest, forthright, cheerful, laugh and smile often. Being a typical, nurturing female, I've made some incorrect assumptions selecting partners. I've 5'2" 130# caucasian with youthful spirit, am idealistic, entusiastic, affectionate, caring and giving.

And the tryst across the decades — with a touch of the cannibalistic about it — is no longer a singular affair.

My greatest passion is horses and the second is art and creative pursuits. I love working on my land and hearing the wind blowing over the mountains and see the sky changing as a storm approaches.

My favorie sound (next to the thunder of thouroghbred hooves! I get up early several times a week and look at the stars and the velvety blackness of the night sky.

Am a full-time librarian, but look forward to retiring and spending the next umptinumph years sharing partnership w/husband. I, also, have 2 other sisters, happily married and living far from New Mexico. I am an elementary school teacher, artist, photographer, gardener and nature lover. Trust is very important along with communication - I believe they go hand in hand.

I am always willing to learn something new (within reason). I hate the games most people play in relationships, especially dating - so I dont.

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