Cyberspace how is it used in chats an flirting

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For you non-scientists: reading about eating a melty chocolate chip cookie and actually eating a melty chocolate chip cookie are, in brain-terms, closely related activities.By that logic, then, any Gchatting that strays into sexually suggestive territory is cheating, right?

On the one hand, if you Gchat me that you’re forcing me to imagine myself kissing you — you’ve spoken an imaginary reality into existence. On the other, more obvious hand, you can’t kiss someone without a mouth.Talking has become synonymous with moving our fingers across a keyboard.Within the safe space of the Gchat box, where body language and messy human realities are removed, we can interact as sheer words.It’s the attention turned away from the loved one and a preoccupation with another online, even if it’s just ‘friendly” chatting, that tends to begin to spell trouble.In fact, non-sexual or explicit betrayals can often feel more painful, because they’re less obviously ‘wrong’ and can be more slippery in terms of boundary violations.” This matches my experience — it felt like a betrayal, though I couldn’t have explained exactly why.

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