Dads dealing with dating teenage daughters

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If your child’s attitude towards you and your family doesn’t respond to any of the strategies suggested above, it might be a warning sign that there is a deeper problem.You might also be worried if there are changes in your child’s attitude or mood, if he withdraws from family, friends or usual activities, or if he runs away from home or stops going to school regularly.Although this phase will pass eventually, there are some strategies that can help you handle disrespect from your child in the meantime. Your child is learning to express and test out his own independent ideas, so there will be times when you disagree.

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And finally, just remember that you were a teenager once, too Dear Dr.A more effective approach is to give yourself some time to calm down.If you’re angry or in the middle of an argument, it will be hard to calmly discuss what you expect of your child. Even though you have more life experience than your child, lecturing her about how to behave is likely to turn her off listening.This shift to deeper thinking is a normal part of development too.No matter how grumpy or cross your child gets, he still values time talking and connecting with you.

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