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That's nothing compared to what it's going to be once we have nominees actually get into the primary voting states. The thing that I think people have to understand is that, even though the Republicans were in the House for all those years, '95 through last year, 2006, and have had the White House for the last seven, Republicans and conservatives still constantly feel on the defensive, feel like they're in the minority, feel like the Democrats are able to skunk 'em at every turn. The one thing about this whole primary that upsets me is that some people are trying to redefine "conservatism" to accommodate some of these candidates or all of them, who don't necessarily fit the bill. I’ll not vote for Rudy in the general for any reason. They might get a million-and-a-half to two million people, but that's zits! Why would you give in to the media brainwashing and let everyone know you’d support a blatant liberal? I mean, that's suicide -- especially when you've got the Iraq war going on. RUSH: I was speaking about conventional wisdom earlier, and there's too much conventional wisdom that Hillary is already elected -- not just nominated, but already elected. You know, despite the advances of feminism in this country, there's still an axiom: "You can't hit the girl," and that's why Edwards is sending his wife out there, and that's why Obama is sending his wife out there to criticize her. It's always nice to speak to you -- and thanks for, you know, over the last three years, for your support. It was much easier for Newt, for example, to be Newt bouncing off of Clinton. Yeah, I mean it's a lot easier to stand up [to] the president of the other party instead of the president in your own party, and when they start breaking your arms and saying, "Pass this education bill that Ted Kennedy co-wrote," you don't have a whole lot of Republicans that are going to stand up. You can't stand up against the president of your own party. SCARBOROUGH: You know, the debate the other night, it was interesting that most of the (laughing) Republican candidates spoke more about Hillary Clinton than they did George Bush or the Republican Party. Do you think a Hillary Clinton nomination is the best thing that could happen to the Republican Party, or could this end up being like the Jimmy Carter White House cheering for a Reagan nomination back in 1980? Let's bring in Rush Limbaugh right now, a guy -- you know, we've got "radio talk show host," but this guy actually helped create New Media and certainly helped elect a lot of us in 1994. (laughter) BURNETT: (laughing) SCARBOROUGH: That's right. So, I think that while there's plenty of blame to go around for the House Republicans, they're sort of hamstrung. They had Erin Burnett on preceding me, "the Street Sweetie," and she was upset that she was being "bigfooted" by me. ERIN BURNETT: I do want you to know, since you moved to 30 Rock I'm just patents, you know? SCARBOROUGH: Welcome back to Morning Joe, live from 30 Rock. But, Erin, what do you think about Rush saying you were a little "wifey" today? SCARBOROUGH: Yeah, kind of -- RUSH: Well, you were whining about all these guys "bigfooting" you, and then they invite you to the studio, and you act like, "I'm not coming to your studio if you're going to 'bigfoot' me." BURNETT: Well, I got "bigfooted" out. You've experienced it and seen it, and written about it. But to understand the beginning of the interview, you have to hear this. BURNETT: I like Rush and everything but, you know, I used to be a part of this show and now I just get the boot every day. So it was time for my interview, and here's how it went... RUSH: -- sounding a little wifey worrying about you guys "bigfooting" her.

If you're John Boehner, if you're Denny Hastert, if you're the Senate minority leader, majority leader, in many cases you can't go against your own president. RUSH: All right, so they went to a break after that. There was a story in the Washington Post this past week that a lot of -- RUSH: Wait a minute. RUSH: It's a thrill for me to know that you're listening to me. All materials posted herein are protected by copyright law and the exemption for fair use of copyrighted works.As of today, Mcdowell is also a business correspondent for the Fox News Channel and a business contributor on the Imus In The Morning radio show.Having graduated from Wake Forest University with a degree in Art History, Mcdowell made her career beginnings as a financial journalist at the Institutional Investor's Newsletter Division.Let's bring in Rush Limbaugh right now, a guy -- you know, we've got "radio talk show host," but this guy actually helped create New Media and certainly helped elect a lot of us in 1994. The Republicans are, because they know that they're going to end up running against Democrats in November of 2008. There are just too many things that argue against her inevitability here. They don't call it the House of Lords on Capitol Hill for nothing.

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