Dallin h oaks dating

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So what happened to his first wife, and how did he meet and date the current one?

A Huntsman, a Marriott or a Romney may have had a shot, but there aren't many of those to go around in Church Co circles (and they probably wouldn't want a high-profile ambitious wife anyway).It's hard to find much of anything about her family background other than the vague descriptions of them being simple farmers, which plays into the classic, almost cartoonish "ambitious farm boy/girl works hard and makes it into the big time" narrative. I remember hearing all about it at the time, from someone I was once good friends with when I was TBM, now related to through our kid's marrying, and I believe it was her sister who worked closely with Dew who was telling her about it.I would be curious as to what possible insider family connections she may have on either her mother's side or father's side. I doubt they got along well as they both have very strong personalities. I don't remember a lot but I was told they worked closely together on some board for Deseret Book, had known each other long before they dated. So, no, it was not first hand but a very reliable source.He threw himself into study with characteristic intensity.Before he was sixteen, he had obtained a first-class radiotelephone license, which allowed him to operate a commercial radio stations transmitter, and found a job in radio.

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