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Mercedes - a blogger and television presenter - and Fahey have been together for ten years, and first came into contact when they were both working for MTV."Just before I moved to LA to act and host, I was a producer at MTV, while he was a VJ," Mercedes told ."I thought he was cute then, but it wasn't until five years later when he contacted me on My Space that we started dating!

"Fahey added: "Grasie and I are now part of the long list of couples that married after meeting at MTV years ago!

"Grasie and I are now part of the long list of couples that married after meeting at MTV years ago," he reveals.

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Former MTV VJ Damien Fahey married actress Grasie Mercedes on Friday, June 28, at the Maravilla Gardens in Camarillo, Calif., the couple confirms exclusively to Us Weekly.

Guests at the wedding included Johnny Knoxville, and “Breaking Bad” actor Matt Jones.

The couple met 10 years ago while working at MTV but didn’t start dating until 5 years ago when Fahey contacted Mercedes on My Space.

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