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It ends with Ariane revealing her never before revealed job: game developer. I just released part 3: Rachel Takes Ariane’s Photo.

Rachel, being a game addict herself, is intrigued and wants to get together again. I tried to make it more game like with choices to eventually turn it into a game, which I actually made, and found it repetitive as most of the choices end up in the same place.

The pictures are actually bigger than they display on the web page, parts 2 and ×1080.

Just right click and view picture to see the full sized images.

Rachel Dates Ariane is set about two weeks later, or mid November, though there was over a year before I released it in November 2016. Rachel comes over, and they play video games (tying back to the end of part 1) then they go out for dinner. ) move that results in the two of them in bed naked together. So I just converted it to HTML and posted it all at once.

This time to a pizza place they both like (Pizza Mia shows up in both games). It’s about 23 HTML pages total using simple links to the choices you pick.

I released part one in October 2015, a piece at a time until the final part was released on Halloween, when the story was set.It starts with a “meet cute” as all rom-coms do, in this case they show up to a Halloween party dressed the same.As they get to talking they discover they are the same in a few other ways as well.I establish in the games that Ariane is a bit of a dare devil or “Action Girl”, but never get a good opportunity to demonstrate it.The short cut scene is Ariane demonstrating that part of her personality to Rachel, who being a science geek is not all that thrilled with that side of Ariane.

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