Dating a greek

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Whether you are a tourist or a local, dating Greek men is always guaranteed to be a memorable experience.

What exactly is it that makes dating Greek men so appealing? At the top end of the list of reasons why we should date Greek men is without a question connected to their looks.

Namely, these things in my own particular Greek man are:1. When things are good, the drama and enthusiasm he displays are infectious and enjoyable.

Such as they are all hairy, loud and smoke like chimneys.

Don’t be surprised if they whisk you off to a secluded romantic spot at a minutes notice!

Dating a Greek man will never get boring that’s for sure!

Greek men are generally very easy going and don’t like to spend too long pondering over decisions.

So if you are on a date with a Greek man then don’t make too many plans – you never know where you might end up!

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