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Say you went on a date with someone who seemed perfectly NICE. Say you felt what might have been the brief stirrings of attraction, or maybe it was just the beer, or you’re not really sure, but he’s just so NICE.

Maybe you feel a little bad because he’s so NICE, and so you let him upstairs, despite the fact that you’d really like to send him on his way. Feeling guilty that someone has been NICE to you is precisely how you find yourself giving a desultory handjob while making grocery lists in your head. Wait for the guy who is nice and let him win you over.

Through my extensive dating experience and many years living abroad, I have learned that even though we do not want to generalize men (lest we be accused of stereotyping) there are some important cultural differences.

Knowing these differences not only makes life easier for you as a woman, but also for him.

But what is important to know is that if you truly like a Frenchman, play hard to get.

Definitely do not sleep with him the first night if you want to make the story last. You should dress classy and not wear too much make-up.

Why you should play hard to get with a Frenchman and are Italian men really the best lovers?A guy who is nice will never make you feel obligated to do anything.Beware the Nice Guy, and the occasional guilt that gnaws when you reject him. Not every person is right for you, and so, if you don’t have chemistry with someone in spite of the fact that they are exceedingly NICE, do yourself a favor and don’t feel bad.The truth is that nobody really deserves anything, except for human decency, which, if you’re not a monster, is a perfectly feasible feat. No one has to be interested because you held the door or awkwardly helped us take off our jacket.Hearts are not so easily bought, they are won, by guys who are nice.

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