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Two medium output custom Di Marzio humbuckers are mounted directly to the body for optimum resonance and signal response.

Any ideas on year etc Cheers Shaun i dated mine via the speaker as i dont know the codes - the rim of the speaker if you look in from the back of the amp will have some like A12 (alnico 12") and 1578 (15th week of 1978) - this applies for eminence speakers - the ones with the square magnet you would have to date the head via a serial number - or make an approximation by determining if it has the 12ax7 valve - then do a search on ths site - the info is here.

It's getting to be a veritable mine of information.

If I was buying a used Stingray I'd take the database with me confident that I could use it to date the instrument usually within a month of manufacture and to let me know whether the hardware was all stock.

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