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Considering the short time I have left till the date, I’d really appreciate it if someone would suggest topics I could read about to widen my knowledge. Just glance at the latest “Sunday edition” and see what there is to see.

I am sure it will help not only in my date but also it will make me learn about things I may not have considered learning about before. You’re not going to become a political pundit or history wizard in one sitting, so don’t try.

The sooner you figure this out, the better you will both be. Don’t be afraid to allow natural pauses in conversation.

As a guy with a reputation amongst my friends for being smart, who also regularly dates different girls, here is my take. She doesn’t have to have any particular level of education, or share my academic interests.

He seems a gentle soul but he isn't a pushover, either.

Obviously in rereading this question I need to properly spell his chosen field. It is fun debating with him everything from politics to religion.

I’ve got intellectual friends I discuss those things with, just like I’ve got athletic friends I train with.

Conversationally, the most important thing a girl needs to show is that she is passionate about something.

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