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If single women make one dating resolution for 2014, I think they should give a shorter guy a chance.You might end up looking down a lot, but your odds of finding The One can only go up.But who can blame guys for trying it on when we’re so fussy that if they told the truth, they might not get any matches or messages at all?Very occasionally, in my online dating days, I’d encounter men who would be ultra specific about a preferred hair colour, body shape or breast type, and be outraged.The average male in England is 5ft 10in, while the typical female is a mere 5ft 5ins, so you could say I’m well over average height for my gender.What’s worse, according to statistics, half the men in the country are my height or shorter.Being tall and big is a sign of strength in men, whereas having a curvaceous, petite figure is considered more womanly.

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And after many more meetings, when we both felt confident enough about our future to discuss our respective pasts, we compared notes on dating.Surely you’ve got to be horribly shallow and creepy if you’re basing your requirements for long term happiness on cup size?But it seems far more common, and far more acceptable for women to rule out romantic suitors because they don’t measure up in feet and inches.And not only a bit taller either, a good two inches taller is required.So why are many women, including myself, still programmed to think like this?

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