Dating a virgo man with a pisces woman

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Pisces' answer would often be just a shrug of shoulders, but Virgo doesn't give up so easily: the tendency to analyze things will make him/her try to understand everything about Pisces' way of thinking...

On the other hand, Pisces gets tired very quickly when being interrogated...

-, (s)he is almost thrifty, and if you ask him/her, (s)he will often tell you that this is a quality, not a deficiency.

Pisces is wasteful, (s)he buys on a first impulse and (s)he doesn't care very much about savings, money and laying by for a rainy day.

A Virgo can become extremely tiresome to a Pisces that is able to discover beauty everywhere, is unselfish by nature and tolerates so much.

Compatibility Rating: Note: Your compatibility with other signs of the zodiac also depends on your planets, rising signs and other astrological aspects!Virgo is often very idealistic and way too perfectionist!(S)He sees the world so clearly and is so good at discovering flaws, criticizing when (s)he thinks necessary and noticing what the others can't notice! Where Pisces sees the wonder of the world and contemplates it silently, without trying to spoil it by analyzing it, Virgo comes with appropriate tools to measure and divide, to find qualities and defects, to classify and ask questions.In the long run it is better to avoid this mismatch.Don’t make the mistake of choosing a kind of life partner who is not compatible with you.

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