Dating advice for lebsians

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Newspapers and local magazines are a veritable treasure trove of resources.

These publications nearly always have a personals section where you can find contact info and short bios on others looking for lesbian dating relationships.

Many sponsor dances, service projects and other events that can turn out to be great mixers.

If she identifies as being a lesbian, and you feel like she’s being flirty with you, she’s probably interested.

If she doesn’t identify as being a lesbian (or someone who is romantically attracted to women), and you feel a more-than-friends connection, you might still be right. Which of course can be super awk, but only if you let it.

And side note, just because she’s a lesbian and being friendly, definitely doesn’t mean she’s automatically interested.

These fun mixers make it easier to meet new people.

And I think that’s the way it goes for a lot of women.

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