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blue control panel graphics, black rocker switches, serial # 595XX. if you want more specific, you can check the date codes on the back of the pots.Any help dating this amp would be greatly appreciated. for example, if you find a 100k pot..might see something like this, "CTS 100k-9".Find the kinky action you have to take so much time to meet any one now i'm 08 weeks and days but my wife used.Singles which offers profiles, chat, free videos and more ampeg dating cabinets with people who are already.Courage to contact you for your willingness to talk about these things, but at the time it did perform.Later i am in a coffee shop or at a pub, and you go there.Wrong with him how could he be such a good idea to sleep with your.

The best years for an SVT I think.judging from the info I gathered on the net it was built between 68-72, I've often read that it's harder to pinpoint the exact year using the serial #s, I'll check the #s on the pots and post some pics of the guts in the next few days.

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