Dating an alcoholic liar

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When a co-addict fully grasps the harm being done to them and/or children living with the addict, and they make a conscious decision to break the cycle—that is the right time to leave.

Every single person must live out the cycle of co-addiction in their own time.

Guilt for leaving a sick/ addict partner also plays a huge role in their decision-making.

There are those who leave their partner, but frequently offer support on the addict’s road to recovery.

Hi John & Kerrie, Leaving is the toughest decision.

You don’t want to lose the person you live but by staying you lose a lit more and lose yourself and your ability to take care of your children, if you are a parent.

When addictive behavior begins, it can be very frightening for the co-addict, and though fears remain, somehow the co-addict learns to adjust.But in a co-addictive relationship, the co-addict may fear many things: A co-addict may even fear that if they leave, they won’t be there to see the addict get better, and the recovering addict will reject them because they left. If the co-addict is unhappy with their partner’s behavior, due to the influence of alcohol or drugs, chances are their life is unmanageable.The only question in knowing when it is time to leave is; when will the co-addict be ready?A co-addict must come to a point where they are sick and tired of being sick and tired.Knowing when it is time to leave is an individual choice; but by putting the fear aside, hopefully they will be able to come to that point a lot sooner. The ‘should I leave or should I not’ question is an often asked one.

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