Dating childish men

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If all those women are vapid and easily impressed, it's no wonder if he makes this overall assessment of women--but, in the end, it is all his own doing.

He is no better than they are; in fact, he is exactly like them.

Immature men hide their weaknesses like a stereotype because they have yet to learn how to phase them out, and they seek women that reassure them, not women who challenge them.

Strong men (strong , really) seek weakness in themselves in an effort to snuff it out, even if exposing those weaknesses and admitting to them may cause a temporary discomfort--they seek what they truly *want and need* and don't let anything get in the way of it, including their own fear of appearing weak.

They know that if they want a quality woman, the only way they can really have her and keep her is to be a quality man.

They know that this requires challenging themselves to become better people.

You're gonna drop it with those dainty arms.""Silly, two plus two equals FIVE. There are two main types of female reactions to this, the one from an immature, girlish woman, and the one from a more mature, adult woman: An immature or stupid girl, or a girl who otherwise has a lower amount of self-esteem and self-assurance, will giggle and feel impressed and interpret his pushing her down and being condescending as some form of confidence. If all a particular man chooses to attract are the women who are most easily attracted with superficialities, with personality traits that are empty or easily faked, he will get the type of woman who is easily impressed by these things and who will probably never notice the things about him that he actually values.It is when a man learns to explore women with less of a bias, and without being on an explicit mission to capture them, that the reality of the situation becomes more clear to him over time.The problem with this is that an ego (or any aspect of a person) cannot grow and become stronger without being challenged.They know that this requires putting themselves in situations that do not hide, but rather expose, the parts of them that they'd like to improve.They know that this requires being with women who might not gladly accept the worst parts of a man they date, and who might not see a man as a hero until he proves himself.

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