Dating controlling behavior

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Before you can regain your individuality and strength, you'll need to determine whether the relationship is taking something away, and, if so, you must put an end to the destructive cycle.

Don't mistake controlling behavior for innocent concern. For people who grew up in homes with very controlling or abusive parents, it can be difficult to distinguish between control and concern in dating relationships.

➤ Are you cut off during conversations as though your opinion counted for little or almost nothing?

➤ Is he/she always moody and inconsiderate about his/her radical behavior towards you?

Controlling friends or colleagues don't affect us just as much; however, they definitely add up to the frustration.

➤ Do you constantly feel inadequate, like nothing you do is ever good enough?

➤ Are you frequently told by your partner that you are good, but not good enough at most things?

➤ Are you afraid of telling your partner something because of his/her reactions?

➤ Are you constantly told to change things about yourself?

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