Dating corningware

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Heckuva mess--the drippings from the bones congealed with the splinters in them.

I was baking in the 375-400 degree temperature range.Now in collaboration with Gibson the innovation and convenience continues. Having used structurally sound Corning Ware Pyroceram and VISIONS amber glass-ceramic cookware on the stove, under the broiler and in the oven without fear and without incident, I'm leery of tales about its perceived, and no doubt exaggerated, "tendency" to fail catastrophically when used as directed.I don't work for World Kitchen and never worked for Corning but I have a feeling if you track down the truth, you'll find misuse, abuse and negligence as the root causes, not a manufactured-in "tendency" to failure. When I was a kid, I blew up a piece of Corningware in the microwave.(Not really explosive, but it shattered.) I can't speak to what kind it was, but the short version is -- a microwave is not a kiln, nor is wet bread synonymous with wet clay.

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