Dating croatian women

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Their long necks accentuate graceful, model-like figures. They are, hands down,, blowing away just about everywhere else except for pockets in the Baltics.

They primarily have a Mediterranean complexion of light olive skin, brown hair, and brown eyes, though blondes are not uncommon.

Croatian girls are the pickiest I’ve encountered, with many girls openly criticizing me early in the approach about my physical flaws or chosen line of conversation.

Not only will they constantly judge you, but they will do so in undiplomatic terms. Girls with boyfriends will be completely open to an approach, not dropping that fact until late in the game.

In spite of the many downsides you’ve just read, the average men will appreciate the talent in Croatia more than my diminishing favorite, Poland.

My experience in Croatia did take away the glow I had on Polish girls because the quality I banged in Croatia was indisputably higher.

Ten years down the line, this may set up an excess supply issue that facilitates Croatian mail-order bride businesses. Ignore reports on the internet that Croatian sea resorts during the summer are a great place to bang local girls. The sea resorts are huge sausage fests (both foreign and domestic sausage) and the girls know their value.

If you’re going for a fast bang, there is no benefit to trying to wow her social circle. The older women (approaching 30) put out many spinster characteristics that are similar to their American counterparts.

Their attitude is rougher, they play a lot of games, and they constantly test you. Hot women over 24 are looking for rich dudes, even sponsors.

Experiment in the city to find something in the middle that has the best balance between beauty and attitude. With the right logistics, you should be able to get them. The girls who are most likely to go for this will be 18-23 and who want a taste of the American sexual culture.

So much of a successful Croatian experience will be based on the venue. Older women will be able to resist your logistical game. Similar to the above point, all your dates should be close to your apartment.

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