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Please note that orders which exceed the quantity limit will be auto-canceled. Please read about our Returns policy by visiting for more information From the Manufacturer Analyze and solve the greatest mysteries of the Victorian era.

Ten Sherlock Holmes adventures in which you are the hero.

Equipped with a copy of the Times, a map of London, a directory and more importantly - your logic, you will roam the streets of London trying to solve the most heinous crimes. Unravel the string of intrigue, answer a series of questions and compare your score to that of Sherlock Holmes. The game is very story-driven and, yes, very visceral.

The game includes the following:1.) 10 cases (a booklet for each case) 2.) 10 sets of newspapers, one for each case 3.) Directory booklet (like a yellow/white pages, with a list of names, locations, and businesses) 4.) Map of London 5.) Rule book For each case, you take the corresponding booklet, read the case, and afterwards you begin to pursue leads based on the information of the case.

There are no game pieces, coins, or any of that stuff associated with this game.

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The following is based on competitive setup (not group play).

The difference is that, in a competitive setup, each player may pursue leads and handle clues separately from the other player; in a group game, all players work together and share information/notes/clues, thus eliminating the concept of "turns."Player 1: Well, the first thing Player 1 would probably do is try to question Paul, the sole witness, some more, so Player 1 grabs the directory booklet and searches for Paul's name, and gets his location (3E).

You are a member of the Baker Street Irregulars working to solve mysteries before the Master.

You are either investigating the mysteries as an individual, or trying to win against up to 8 other investigators.

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