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The boys of Funny Boys were generously showered with cash gifts.As guest performers a group of dancers from Boyzboyzboyz appeared on stage. Have a look at our snapshots which speak louder than many words.She has not gone out to Boyztown or Jomtien beach and therefore lacks adventures and juicy gay encounters that are worth telling in this obviously dyeing, formerly eternal gay blog. Read more When Phuong surprisingly sent Suzy Size a mail, your heroine was thrilled, indeed.She fondly remembered her good looking gay guide from Hanoi who had shown her around the Vietnamese capital several years ago.Read more When your old heroine Suzy Size entered Boyz Town this week, she felt immediately, something had dramatically changed here, but she did not know exactly what it was yet.Passing by Funny Boys for many years a go-go bar with very sexy hosts - she noticed the new so proper faade with the fresher, more dynamic logo and new spicy advertisement banners.Many thanks to Lud and Mike for another great night!Read more Lud and Mike, the owners and managers, of Funny Boys host bar in the famous Pattaya Boyztown invited regular guests this week to a fine anniversary party. It was the 10th anniversary Funny Boys could celebrate Thursday night already and the 7th anniversary of mamasan Rose.

One reason for this unexpected and almost frightening silence: Miss Size is very, very active during the days and normally quite exhausted at night quite the opposite from when your now so old heroine was young half a century ago or so.Was it just the logo, the sexy banners that made that big atmospheric difference in Boyz Town?Read more If you ever wondered what happened to Phil Graham and Richard Burke, here is the answer: Phil, who was the editor and proprietor of Spice gay Magazine has recently bought a bistro called Cocos in Soi Chaiyapruek. Inn is much more than a convenient place for the beach visitor who just might have met a stunning young man who offers one of those very healthy and rewarding massages in the room which naturally come with a happy ending.An opulent free buffet was offered to the many happy guests together with the first free drink.And splendid entertainment was delivered by local talent.

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