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So here are my favorite ideas I have found and feel free to add to the list! Write 15 reasons why you love each other on a paper. (This is a special one just for John, he loves bowling! Go out to a restaurant for just drinks and dessert.

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Using the following list (or make your own) take the word and assign each letter of the word to an item on the list.Pick up the pictures and see which couple wins the contest.3 points for a full body shot 2 points for just the upper body, or just the lower 1 point for any limb or the head Make up a prize for the winning couple! - Michael Peterson Take a walk in a park or at a fair Go to the Zoo Make a Restaurant - A fun way to shock your date, this is a fun double or group date.So I thought we needed a quick way to come up with ideas. So I searched the internet for fun ideas and came up with my own list of my favorite ideas.

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