Dating furniture square nails

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Cuts and nicks can also leave proof that hand chisels and other tools operated with elbow grease were used to shape woods.When circular saws were used, and this wasn’t prevalent until the mid-19th century, a circular pattern is usually present as evidence.Looking for other signs of age is also wise in addition to indicators of hand craftsmanship.Many people have trouble distinguishing different types of woods and finishes, so if you fall into this category don’t feel alone.Many Victorian furniture manufacturers used mahogany and rosewood through the late 1800s. Can you circa date solely on the type of wood used? But materials can be an indicator of age when they fits in with the overall style and age of other components that make up the furniture you’re trying to date.The same goes with upholstery if it’s original, and that’s a key factor.

Examining these elements individually, as well as furniture pieces in their entirety, will help you learn to correctly date them."This type of hardware is easy to recognize because it often has 'inclusions' from the sand itself in the brass, either grains of sand or or odd colors from impurities.The backs of this type of hardware were often left with the impression of the sand while the surfaces were polished."Early 19th century brasses will also exhibit a rough texture, finish, and threading akin to the screws mentioned above while modern hardware will not.Looking at the bottom or back of a piece, or inside its doors and drawers, can provide important clues about whether or not a piece of old furniture was machine cut or crafted by hand.Most handmade pieces will show some irregularities to the surface such as minor nicks indicative of a hand plane being used to smooth out the wood, and this is sometimes even more evident on the back than on the finished front surfaces.

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