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“We offer services to transgendered people and we will offer workshops and training to workplaces, communities, the media, NGO’s and government.

We will also be fighting the discrimination and violence that transgendered people face,” says Liesl Theron, the organisation’s founder and director.

t because most cross dressers do it in private and keep their cross dressing a secret, these feelings can do enormous ham in the long run, both to the person and to his relationships.

Meeting other men with similar issues is an important part of the process too.

Phone help-lines and support groups exist in most big cities â?? which can help your man deal with the unnecessary burden of shame and guilt he is most likely carrying around.

Treating it as a harmless, pleasure giving pastime can solve such issues for you and your partner.

The news of the arrest spread around the world and renewed concerns about transphobia and homophobia in Nigeria.

Gender Dynami X describes itself as “an organisation that works towards a world in which each person has the freedom to express their own gender – whether it corresponds to their born sex or not.” Explains Robert Hamblin, Vice-Chairperson of the Management Committee: “Gender Dynami X is an organisation whose time has come – we are here to support transgendered people, and to change the way society thinks about men and women”.

The new NGO, which is in the process of being formally registered with the Non-Profit Directorate of the Department of Social Development, had its first Management Committee meeting last weekend in Cape Town.

A typical Adam's Word publication includes information concerning transitioning, support groups, books with trans content (sometimes accompanied by a review), and various reflections from contributors regarding events and conferences they attended.

Some pieces in the newsletter are reprinted from other publications such as The Tartan Skirt or The Seahorse Newsletter.

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