Dating gun nut blog dating john sweet

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ref=hl INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: Colion Noir GOOGLE : First dates should always be at the range,dinner is solved usually always a solid snack machine there plus it's cheaper , but beware showing to safe of anything you'll end up married like myself Man, this was hilarious as fuck.

I met this girl recently and we hit it off, but I found out she's anti gun.

After talking with her about my passion, she's warming up to them and wants to learn more. I don't know why Colion was weirded out by the fridge gun.

Usually when I show chicks my fridge gun they have like 4 simultaneous orgasms.

For though they may recognize when it's impolitic to brandish an AR-15, they also know who the ultimate enemy is: Moms and black people!

We parked at the base of a chained driveway marked “Household trash must be in bags”.At a bend in the trail just before the trail narrowed and the mountain curved up steeply, we stopped and dropped everything we were carrying."Now, at this point in the story you might be worried that I was about to become another missing girl, on whose computer, the FBI would find very interesting internet searches.The right-wing agitator has been calling on the government to “STOP MUSLIM IMMIGRATION” for years, loves brandishing his large firearms, and wants you to know that "“The Georgia Department of Public Safety and the Georgia Building Authority anticipate a non-permitted, anti-Islamic protest on the sidewalks of the Georgia State Capitol,” Capitol Police Director Lewis Young announced in an advisory to state employees, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.“You are hereby notified that protest organizers have encouraged their participants to carry loaded long guns.

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