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That said, this advice is geared toward someone who wants to engage in minimal-drama mini relationships, leaving freedom to find the right girl or pursue other goals.Small town game is a different animal, but with a bit of forethought you can create a solid rotation for yourself without dealing with the pitfalls common to a tiny social scene.The "walk of shame" means walking past all your old teachers and coworkers while they're on their way to church. You're having a hard time reconciling your most recent crush since you heard he slept with Becky Appleman, and she's been your mortal enemy ever since she put gum in your hair in third grade.9.

Whether you’re looking to date a few girls while you search for a relationship, or you’re a player just looking for unattached fun, here are a few considerations while you build your game in a small city…The guy who's funny and charming and has a nice job now?He's the same dude who stole a bottle of your parents' wine and vomited in a vase when he was 17.7.Newbies often ask “what if she asks if I am dating other people”?It’s amazing how rarely I’ve been asked this question.

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