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Quinn initially wasn't trying to be bad; he just needed Anton as a personal resource.During Quinn's time in Narcotics he had a partner named Yuki Amado (later an Internal Affairs agent), whom after having witnessing his neglect caused the death of Detective Stewart began to stalk Officer Debra Morgan and urge her to spy on Quinn for her.If Vince Masuka is the perverted comedian of the series, then Joey Quinn is the wise-cracking, smart-ass of the group.Not one to shy away from sexual puns, he often has one of two moods: serious or joking, with no real balance between the two.Quinn is also shown to be a bad influence on Angel, as he convinced him to smoke the joint found in Angel's car and they got high on the job.However, Quinn has shown to be a very loyal friend - he loaned Angel the ,000 he needed for his restaurant (likely from the money George gave him) in an effort to make up from the Travis incident, prompting Angel to admit his thanks.Detective Joseph "Joey" Quinn is a main Character in DEXTER.Quinn is a Homicide Detective with the Miami Metro Police Department that brought himself up from Narcotics and makes his debut appearance in Season Three instantly becoming a major part of the group (following the departure of Sergeant James Doakes). While in their relationship Lieutenant Angel Batista wanted him to become Sergeant, however Angel was forced to choose differently.

During his time in Narcotics, Quinn helped Anton Briggs out of a drug bust in exchange for making him his personal CI while paying his dues out of his own money (while lying that Anton was officially a CI with time left to get off scot-free).This could explain Quinn's expensive vehicles and lifestyle in his introduction to the series as well as Yuki Amado's investigation into him.In addition to his Narcotics career, Quinn also inherited a place from his uncle including a brand new car. Quinn's past is unknown and even called into question by Debra, who is pressured by Internal Affairs Sergeant Yuki Amado (unknown to Quinn) to report him.Much like Debra Morgan, Quinn has a natural instinct when it comes to solving cases but later in his career he starts to allow emotions to get the better of his work, specifically his suspicion of Dexter Morgan near the end of Season Four and into Season Five, now his derailed heart in the midst of Season Six after being turned down from a proposal to Deb, who made Lieutenant.During Season 7, he begins dating a stripper at a club owned by the Koshka Brotherhood, putting him at odds with the Brotherhood and ultimately ends up killing a man to protect a girl that disappears from his life shortly thereafter.

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