Dating male in trinidad and tobago

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I have dated African-American women before and you can go ask everyone one of them if I ever used them before.

In actuality, one can argue that I was probably used by them.

Black american women should observe the behavior of a lot of upper class trinidian women and go for men who treat them well and are good providers, most of them being men of European descent.

Trinidadian men would quite naturally revert back to undereducated Trinidadian women who they can use and abuse physically and mentally.

We (americans and trinis, or people for other country) will always prefer what we know best.

Antonio I appreciate your candor and I understand for the most part but if one knows what they prefer why get involve and take from the person if you know that you have no intentions of being serious I'm not naive but I give as well as I take and because I'm from America doesn't mean that I should be used Your origin doesn't matter to me as long as you treat me right I will forever be there for you An open-mind will learn from each other I'll give you a helping hand my dear.

I'm married to a Trinidadian Man and I must admit that in the beginning we had a rough start due to our cultural differences.

Despite the fact that we go to the same school, have the same EXACT SAT score, and were accepted into the SAME tier of universities, and that I have a genius IQ, he persists on interjecting at all times that he IS SMARTER than I. I am soical worker and when to college to become one. I belived, human beings should be soical to each other and not hate someone because of the brith their country.

This is the case with other Trini men at my school as well. I think I can never live like that, I am to much of bigger person.

In the south..make "souse" (pig foot...chicken foot.) its just different in the way its served..of course some spices are not the same.

Macaroni pie is pretty much prepared the same way and sometimes with the same pasta you're saying... Well...perhaps not much to some of you, but i'm just trying to point out that there are things that are similar and whatever you can find is a great place to start building from.

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