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Is their any hope for dating women that have been either emotionally or sexually been abused..... border line personality disorder is a catch phrase for anyone that just doesnt fit in, wont bleat like the rest of the sheep, yet cannot be pigeon holed into a DSMv IIit perplexes me why men like you ask questions like this in a public forum , its called "othering"( yes a real sociological term not one i made up) btw , what you are doing is attempting to place the "blame" for the apparent lack of connection on the woman, pointing the fingerlike, see, im not so bad, they are the bad ones, and please dont pull out the tired old platitudes or the "i just say it because i care" Maybe you could ask yourself why you are bothered by this, what need does it fill in you ?

When they seem like they are backing away, is probably when they need you the most.

It would be more accurate to say they may have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. While getting my counseling, I was in a group therapy class. I know that there is part of me that is co-dependant..Likes to care take.

The lecture showed the similarities between abused people and hostage situations. If you are trying to "relate" to someone who has this history, I would suggest you read up on it. I have gone to some coda several books on it.

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She mocks him when he tells a story that might make him look good, and finishes his jokes for him.

I don't know if some people ever get past the PTSD that Woodstar labels it with. Misdemeanor's response is typical for some of the women on this site that have this complex that most men are chauvinistic and want to blame women for all their problems.

You asked a reasonable question and got her unreasonable response.

A punch to the face leaves obvious proof, evidence to use with the police to put the assailant behind bars.

Emotional abuse, which men can tolerate and excuse away as normal, can go on for years, leaving a person weak, desperate, and profoundly suicidal. On the other side of the political spectrum, conservatives tend to scream that feminism is to blame when the discussion of abusive women comes up.

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