Dating money issues

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Women were slightly more likely to label themselves as “savers” and men more likely to call themselves “spenders,” says the poll.“There’s value in both perspectives,” says Toronto financial therapist Amanda Mills.So for the health and success of your relationship, here are 20 questions to get the conversation going.(Disclaimer: I wouldn’t suggest you take a print-out on a first date or corner your spouse as soon as she walks in the door from work. “We never said, ‘Let’s sit down and really hear what it is that each of us want.It’s easier for couples to talk about sex than money. He was almost 10 years older and handled their savings and investments. She paid the bills, bought groceries for their Toronto home and shopped for their three kids.

1 thing that people argue about and breaks up marriages, why would they not want to have the courage to open up? At least they’ll have a game plan.” If it were easy, everyone would talk about it.

Researchers recently revealed that couples where the wife makes more than her husband feel less happy, suffer greater strife in their marriage and are ultimately more likely to divorce.

To further fuel the growing industry of financial therapy, we tend to marry our financial opposite. Spendthrifts admire savers for their discipline and stability; meanwhile, tightwads find spenders exciting.

Arguments appear to be about dollars and cents; but they’re about more — power, commitment, ego, respect, fairness.

According to research by Jeffrey Dew, an assistant professor at Utah State University who studies families and financial strife, couples who disagreed about finance once a week were 30% more likely to split up than couples who said they argued about finances a few times a month. Dew also measured the link between consumer debt and a couple’s likelihood for divorce.

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