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These are the people who make up the PRS Forum today.A sad group of people with nothing better to do than go into chat rooms and blab about PRS guitars, OY !!!I had never been pitched so strongly about any other guitar up until that time and to this day.later that day I called Paul I spoke to him for a few moments.I will generally check them out and occasionally I will find a real diamond in the rough.In this case these 2 guys were incessantly driving me up the wall.

Many of those guys reside on the popular PRS forum that breeds people with nothing better to do but gossip about PRS all day.He sent me a handwritten letter (which I still have) and several not so good pictures of his guitars. In any case a few years went by and I spoke to Paul several times about his product.They were high priced for a completely unknown brand name.In any case a whole new group of PRS buyers came to the table.Most of these people were the uninformed or misled majority of guitarists who bought them only because of their early reputation.

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