Dating of burrows cave

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What is claimed by Burrows certainly doesnt seem to be readily digestible by mainstream archeologists, but that of course is neither here nor there.It has been said that some of the artifacts found are somewhat reminiscent of the Davenport, Iowa, and Wilmington, Ohio, tablets, both of which are of doubtful authenticity.As it was now clear that a cave was on the other side... As I moved my head and light around, I saw a full human skeleton reposing on a large block of stone. Then I began to see other things lying there with those bones.

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His weight on the side of this rock flipped it as if on a pivot and he fell into a pit below the rock...."I found myself falling into a pit which had been secreted beneath a large oval stone which, as I later discovered, was fitted into the pit opening and designed to flip or turn over when stepped on."The cave is said to lie somewhere along the Skillet Fork of the Little Wabash River in southeastern Illinois.It supposedly contains 13 elaborately ornamented burial crypts.Still others question whether there ever was any gold in the first place. There were problems of site security, disappearing artifacts, as well as people bending data to suit their personal agendas.As the site researcher Fred Rydholm remarks: "For this kind of research you have to be thick-skinned, brave or crazy!

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