Dating ordnance survey maps

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Start discovering the landscape of the past for yourself.

Every corner of Scotland is covered with a range of historical mapping series dating from the 1600's to the Present Day.

Present Day Landranger The current Ordnance Survey ,000 mapping (represented, in most people’s minds, by the Landranger® series) is the culmination of over 200 years of painstaking and continuous surveys of the British landscape.

Known as the ,000 First Series when it was first published between 19, the printed form acquired the ‘Landranger®’ name in 1979.

These maps have stood the test of time and remain the definitive survey of the country.

For the first time, the areas covered by the series shows the build-up of towns and cities and their rapid expansion into the countryside.

Popular Edition The original Ordnance Survey Popular Edition series was conceived before, but published just after, the First World War.

This was the first of Ordnance Survey’s series to be conceived from the outset as a mass-market product, and the first to be produced in full colour.

The maps elegantly capture the age of the canal, the coaching inn and the horse-drawn cart: the final decades of an agrarian society that was soon to be over-run by new transport links, rapid population growth and urban expansion.

Revised New Series After the Old Series came the Revised New Series.

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