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The grand atmosphere permeates the entire compound, and the different themed worlds transport you and your partner to another place and time.This sense of adventure is perfect for budding romances to flourish!In the 50s and 60s, the studios were churning Mandarin, Malay and Cantonese films at a rapid pace, providing non-stop entertainment for local lovebirds.The cinematic experience has evolved so much over the years that previous generations may have a hard time believing it.The Satay Club that our parents and grandparents know and love was located in the Esplanade park, shrouded by big, shady trees.Throngs of people frequented this open-air hawker centre, and It was a great spot for the cash-strapped Singaporean to bring his date to without being looked down upon.It was at The Cathay where your grandpa could bring your grandma to an air-conditioned cinema with armchairs, for the first time!

These places will leave you craving to recreate dating experiences of the past. Here are a few creative date ideas that parallel local favourite Our grandparents didn’t need the glitz of Universal Studios to keep them entertained. Hello Snehth, Both sentences would be better if you changed 'i have locked' (present perfect) to 'I locked' (past simple). You will be tired out after you have been working all night.The popularity of this drive-in during its glory days in the 70s is nearly incomprehensible as thousands thronged to catch Bruce Lee in his latest action movies.The privacy of being in a car also allowed for couples to sneak a kiss or two during the screenings, so cheeky boys must have loved bringing their dates here!

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