Dating purple glass

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I you find a piece of glass that has a dip in the bottom that looks highly polished, then it may be valuable as this indicates the glassblower polished the pontil mark.Polishing the pontil mark is an indication that the glassmaker took an extra step to dress up the glass, but remember, even if the pontil is still intact your piece could still be valuble.

The books have been widely reprinted since the 1970s, and are chock full of great background information and photos– describing many patterns and pieces, and including reprints of various glass catalog pages, info on glass companies of that era, etc.“Depression glass” is a term that is sometimes bandied about indiscriminately by glass collectors, and sometimes incorrectly.Basically, this is a catch-all phrase for a general type of inexpensive glassware, in clear or colors, that was sold (or given away as premiums) during the late 1920s into the early 1940s.You type "glass mark C in diamond" (without quotes) with this particular mark, which is the Cambridge Glass Company's mark, you have found what you need and are satisfied, but finding a mark is not always that simple.To make a long story short you should always try the advanced search function if your search did not yield results the first time.

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