Dating rich white guys

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He clearly didn’t have much respect for people of color. The hoopla surrounding ousted Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, and the woman at the center of the madness, V.Stiviano, has forced me to recall my own stint with a guy who unfortunately shared similar views.But as we entered our third year, I started to get restless. This was another debilitating pattern I was having trouble releasing.His comments were becoming more invasive and when he joked about our First Lady Michelle Obama’s resemblance to a monkey, I suddenly felt as if I had been rudely awakened from my slumber. Unavailable men have always been drawn to me, or was I the one seducing them?It literally stopped on every floor during lunchtime, which annoyed almost everyone except me.This was my opportunity to show off my flared skirt and vibrant silk blouse.The future Rockefellers needed to understand the fact that I existed, and I needed to benefit from their remarkable discovery.

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And for the record, this wasn’t the first time a privileged corporate raider tried to get me to switch sides.

He took me to places that require a badge of honor for admittance and spent an exuberant amount of his earnings tending to my well-being.

I didn’t care about his arguments against welfare or his disdain for the level of laziness that he thought consistently crippled the black community. At 59 years old, he had spent the majority of his life swimming with Ivy Leaguers and like-minded bedfellows. Looking back, it's disturbing to me that I hardly felt any remorse for the fact that I was sleeping with a married guy who truly believed that black people were inferior compared to other races. I guess I was lost in a daze of convenient nonchalance and charmed by the materialistic tendencies that were keeping me comfortably intact. I was selling my soul and betraying the very essence of my being.

I have since explored this territory professionally.

But the point is that I finally realized a little too late that this wasn’t the kind of guy I wanted to spend my time with, even if he was making it possible for me to comfortably maintain my Upper East Side residence while also raiding the shoe department at Bergdorf’s. As easily as I met him, it was even easier to release him. I could no longer date an older guy who happened to not only be married but was also disgustingly prejudiced.

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