Dating serial bach trumpet

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Over the years, the company produced several ranges of trumpets, cornets, flugelhorns and trombones, using the brand names Apollo, Minerva, Mercury, Mercedes and Stradivarius.The Vincent Bach Corporation moved in 1953 from New York City to Mount Vernon, New York. Vernon Bach horns are prized for being hand-assembled instruments.

All of the Strads are considered great, except a some of the new ones, which due to a strike, many were outsourced for a period of time.

he entered into compulsory military service in the Imperial Navy, worked as an elevator operator, and then was re-conscripted during which time he served as a military musician in the Austrian Marine Band.

When he left the military the second time, Vincent decided to defy his family’s wishes and pursued a career as a solo cornetist touring Europe.

I have a wonderful trumpet player in my Middle School band who is looking to upgrade. And we have 1st class sound gear, great monitors, etc. I heard some stories about a trip I think you took down to Charlotte with them.

A new Bach is not in the families price range so I'll looking for info on older Bachs. I think the mom wants silver but the kid doesn't care. What are the "good" years serial number ranges for Bach Trumpets. I don't want to get side-track on different makes and models if possible.

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